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To achieve digital health ambitions – delivering the right solutions, to the right people, at the right time – organisations need the tools and confidence to trust, adopt and distribute digital health. Unlock your digital health ambition today.


Gain almost six hours’ more sleep a week


Correct 98% of inhaler errors


£1,700 average cost saving per patient



Reduce epileptic seizures by 60%

Case Studies

Want to see our digital health services in practice, and see how they can help you and your service users?

ORCHA helps national bodies, and health and care organisations, achieve their digital transformation goals and see positive outcomes. Learn how we augment services with digital to improve patient care and increase efficiency.

Business Case

Building digital health into your services aligns with the NHS Long Term Plan’s ambition to make digitally-enabled care mainstream.

To help you write your digital health business case proposal, we’ve put together a template of facts and figures we know are important to you. Download the template for free and start writing your business case today.

Return on Investment

ORCHA develops ROI models to highlight the tangible benefits of using digital health for local populations.

Our COPD ROI calculator comprises published COPD research, applied to local Public Health England disease data. Contact us to find out your potential ROI for COPD digital health tools.

What our clients say

“By working with ORCHA to create an online platform of apps that are safe for our young people to use, we know that we can encourage more young people to reach out for help, and, therefore, we can save more young lives.”

– Lisa Roxby, Papyrus Prevention of Young Suicide

What our clients say

“ORCHA helps us to break down the barriers around digital health. Partnering with ORCHA is helping to build the trust with clinical teams through education and awareness. It also saves a great deal of time in horizon scanning.”

– Crystal Dennis, Our Dorset Digital

What our clients say

“ORCHA has helped us to hone down the very many apps that are out there, to those that are really applicable in our environment.”

– Rachel Dunscombe, Director of Digital, Salford Royal Group

What our clients say

“Using apps in addition to therapy means patients might not need to come into hospital quite so often, and it will help them to progress.”

– Hannah Silcock, Occupational Therapist, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

What our clients say

“Having something like ORCHA is a gamechanger because you can direct patients towards apps that will support the clinical information that you’re giving them.”

– Dr Devender Roberts, LMS Chair and Clinical Lead for O&G for the W&CP

Resource Centre

Download our reports and brochures

Our team of clinical and digital experts continually monitor and ask questions about digital health developments, providing impartial and up-to-date insights which can be accessed in our reports, brochures and opinion pieces.

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Search ORCHA’s App Library, featuring thousands of independent app reviews across a broad spectrum of health conditions. Every app is evaluated against more than 350 measures across Clinical/Professional Assurance, Data & Privacy, and Usability & Accessibility, making it easy for you to find the best apps for your needs.

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